Members receive:

  • Access key/card
  • 24×7 access to the makerspace
  • Access to all the shared tools and work areas (some require training first)
  • Sign in a guest to visit with you anytime (guests may not use the tools and shared supplies)
  • Access to our members’ forums
  • A private storage space in our storage cabinets (approximately 20 sq.ft. of shelf space
  • Bring a family member with you (including children, limit one child per adult, children may not use the shared tools, must be supervised at all times and are exclusively parent’s responsibility!)

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The cost of membership is paid each month or once a year and the cost depends on how far you live from the Makerspace. To save those that have farther to travel some total costs and encourage all of PEI to join us, we have the following rates available:

Within 25km $ 30 per month
25km to 50km $ 25 per month
50km to 75km $ 20 per month
Outside 75km $ 10 per month

Monies can by paid by cheque, etransfer or by credit card and other means via PayPal.

Summerside Makerspace Membership Form (Last Updated: 2016-03-31)

Summerside Makerspace Liability Waiver and Release (Last Updated: 2016-03-31)

For more information, stop by on our open nights or contact us: