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Who is the fellow in Summerside that will cut plumbing pipe to custom lengths?
Have eliminated any of the hardware stores on PEI, and the plumbing specialty place looked at me like I was on crack for wanting an 8 or 9 inch piece. (Nobody on PEI carries longer than six).
I need an 8 inch piece to get a precise air mixture in the forge burner. (8 if I can get it with threads only on one end, 9 if it's threaded at both and I grind off the threaded inch at one end).
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PCB makers, do any of you use Ferric Chloride for etching or do you strictly design and send away for manufactured boards?

It's also used in blacksmithing, so knowing where locals source it would be handy.
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Ack. realized that I didn't bring my keys to the space as we're still on a loaner car until Monday. Anyone wanna pop by and lock up? :) Please? :) ... See MoreSee Less

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Removed the nozzle of the printer to check for blockage and it's clear. So it looks like the obstruction is up in the heat break as suspected. Evan Currie, does your tool that Steve mentioned clear the break or is it just a bit? ... See MoreSee Less

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So Long Winter, We Hardly Knew You

- Posted on March 2, 2016 by

Everything is coming together for Summerside Makerspace! Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement about our soft opening (1 to 2 weeks).

January was a slow start as we worked to get everything lined up legally to enter into a lease agreement for our space. The organizers are very proud to say that Summerside Makerspace, Inc. was registered as a provincial non-profit corporation on February 5th! We have acquired insurance coverage and opened our bank account too, all in the last 3 weeks. We have been busily prepping the space for members and guests by putting some donated paint and supplies to good use. Check out our work-in-progress:





These pictures are already out of date!