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I left flexible PLA in the printer if anyone would like to try a couple of prints. Nothing big though :P
In the bottom left hand wooden cupboard with the drone parts there's some little flexible motor mounts I printed if you wanna get a feel for it.
It printed well at 210c on the board at 55c.
Flex needs to be printed quite slowly, so I'd set the speeds on the slicer at 20mm/second or under. Otherwise it will create backpressure that causes it to loop up on itself in the upper chamber of the extruder.
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Well, isn't this timely, based on today's conversation :D

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Planning to drop into the space tomorrow around 1 pm if anyone wants to say hello and get caught up. Summer is wrapping up and school's back and that means more time for the space...for me anyways. ... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks for Visiting

- Posted on March 19, 2016 by

Our first open house was fun! We had about 40 people come through to check out the Makerspace and welcomed a few new members. We’ll be running another open house each month to welcome members of the public and potential new members. If you missed the first open house, watch this space for us to set the date for the next one. Thanks everyone.